The Republic of turkey or just Turkey to be short, its a semi-world power whose player is Polar89_Smirnov

First steps and expansions

At the start of the game Turkey decided to join "The Legion", which consisted Of Italy, the UK, Russia, Romania and Germany. The first conflict Turkey got into was the Greek-Turkish war, initiated by himself, trying to take all lands which once were under Byzantine rule.

Participation on the first world war

During this first war, Turkey got itself into the first world war, since Benelux decided to attack Germany, who was in the Legion, which escalated on a global war in which only 3 countries didn't participate. Turkey didn't had much participation since he was already invading Greece and a new war started on the south against Arabia. It sent Soldiers and equipment to Italy to defend from France and Spain, but that didn't help much

The Arabian-Turkish war

This conflict is the longest and probably most boring of all wars that ocurred till the present. It started on turn 3, when Arabia decided to invade Turkey's unprotected southern territory. Arabia had the upper hand for 2 turns, but since Greece went afk Turkey concentrated all his army on Arabia, turning the tides of the war. It ended on turn 12, after Arabia joined "The allies", alliance in which Turkey was. Neither a peace treaty nor a truce has been signed, so the flames of this war might rage again

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