The nationalist Nordic union is a fascist empire, with most of its colonies in the arctic circle, however it owns colonies in Africa as well. It is run by the user Omg_im_kane.

Scandinavia is currently neutral in all wars around the world and is boosting its economy, with tourism and science, and is pushing its innovative technology and population numbers.

Acquirement of colonies and some history

Scandinavia's african territories were acquired during the scrambles for africa and were expanded slightly during a brief war with california, in which many nations sided against california.

Scandinavia's colony of Baffin island was acquired via a trade with France for land Scandinavia had previously acquired on the french mainland during a war.

Scandinavia gained some Yugoslavian land from an agreement after an invasion.

International relations

Scandinavia currently maintains good relations with the majority of european countries, due to, at some point, having been in an alliance with most of them. Currently scandinavia is not officially in an alliance but boasts close relations with the czechs as well as a free access agreement with them and a new trade agreement and a technology sharing pact.



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