The SL-1A (Stíhacích Letounů 1 Afrika), was the first Czechoslovak plane, and first overall plane ever designed. It is a Heavy Fighter, with the purpose of going on missions in smaller groups than normal aircraft to Italy, although it didn't see combat during The World War.


The Plane was intended to have very good armour, but at the same time have good mobility and also be able to shoot down enemy planes ; good mechanics and technology were intended as well.

Although in the early stages it came clear that this wouldn't be the main plane used by Czechoslovakia as other nations had over done Armour and Armament, so a new plane that was similar to them would be needed. These two planes would fly in groups with the enemy-like plane dealing the first hit and later the SL-1A sweeping in to deal the final blow.

It was also loosely designed to have naval capabilities as it was intended to fight in the mediterranean.


The "SL" refers to Stíhacích Letounů, meaning fighter aircraft in Czech. The 1 refers to it being the first fighter aircraft designed by Czechia and A stands for Afrika, or in English, Africa. The Africa part doesn't refer to it being meant for African missions, as Czechoslovakia had plans to design a completely new Aircrafts for Africa. The name rather refers to the colour of the plane being similar to something that would've been used in Africa.

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