The SL-Š1 (Stíhacích Letounů Šílený 1), was a Fighter/Support Aircraft designed by Czechoslovakia to be capable of combating stronger enemy aircraft who only cared about attack, defence and speed, as the previous SL-1A fighter was designed to have over all good stats and not focused on certain things extremely.


The "SL" stands for Stíhacích Letounů, meaning Fighter Aircraft, and the "Š" stands for Šílený, which means crazy or insane and was a mistranslation. It was originally supposed to be Idiot instead of crazy, referring to other players whom did not care about overall stats and this plane was meant to be able to defeat them.

Sales and Production

The first SL-Š1 was made as a purchase by Benelux. As he was looking for a strong plane to defend his land, he ordered a total of 1.

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