Russian Empire

The Russian Empire was once powerful nation played by Sirmrguy, yet after The World War it was annexed by the Allies, besides its holdings in Alaska, which by mistake stayed Russian, and as such, are the successor of Russian (Russian Alaska).

Some History:

When the game started out, Russia was already one of the most powerful states on the planet. Over time, the ambitions of Russian military expansion has led it to become overlord of the world, and can use its military as a threat whenever it wants. Because of its massive size, Russia maintains a gargantuan military to prevent outside nations prospecting for an easy gain on what would have been an over-stretched military.

Description of Territories:

While much of Russian Siberia is desolate wasteland, it has many natural resources that Russia is constantly exploiting, such as oil, iron for steel and energy, coal, and precious metals. Russia controls very few foreign colonies except for Alaska, also rich in resources. Russia's western border is easily the weakest. It has borders with French Canada, Alaska (soon to be annexed), Germany, Czechoslovakia, Scandinavia, Ukraine, and Turkey.

International Relations:

Russia maintains moderate relations with most of the world, but is hostile towards Alaska and Mexico. In the past, it has has border tensions with Scandinavia, but it is now a valuable ally. While Russia has a border with Turkey, Turkey was once in The Legion with Russia. Russia once had its eyes on Ukraine, but saw much larger prospects in North America with its vast territories.

Current Wars

Russia is facing an invasion By Czechoslovakia and Turkey, and is preparing for an attack by Korea, China, and Mexico.


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