many nations saw Ethiopia and its lands vital, and all wanted a piece, France was one of the countries to decided to take the land by force after realising Ethiopia being independent. The French landed in Djibouti and surrounding areas on map 7, but later left after Czech Pressure.

Czech involvement

Czechoslovakia was very unhappy with foreign claims on Ethiopia, and thus on map 7, when the French invaded, Czechoslovakia first: sent Ethiopia supplies, and secondly: Guaranteed their independence; later on this would result in a Ethiopian-Czechoslovak Alliance and eventual Ethiopian entrance into The World War. French withdrew from Ethiopia after turn 7, as a result of Czechoslovak diplomacy. The Czech threatened to fund rebellions in France although there might've accrued more diplomacy than presently known.

Czech expansion

In return for helping, Ethiopia gave Czechoslovakia an Eritrean port which still to this day is Czech.