Italian invasion of Greenland, started on Map 9. It was mainly unprotected by Mexico, finally on Map 13, Czechoslovakia arrived on the scene. Technically, it invaded Mexican land when landing, but tensions weren't high, with a single question from Mexico being sent to Czechia about the event.

When the Czechs arrived, they prepared to kick the Italians out which was attacked by Italians on Map 9. Cause of Czech intervention is unknown, possibly trying to save the land as Mexico did not defend it at all, or perhaps a try to destroy Italian Morale.


Czech Supplies are supplied mainly through Iceland, which Czechoslovakia has access to after a deal with Scandinavia when it was given back to them. Although the Czech empire is huge, and some supplies come through Mexico and Czech colonies in North America.

Czech troops were equipped in warm clothes, each with a coat, with inside being made of fur, skiing glasses, Rain boots (w/ Ice Walker gear under them) and a warm hat.

On the other hand, Italian troop outfit is unknown, but they had blankets with them, which weren't so effective in the extreme cold.